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Utopia curation report: #15


Here is Utopia curation report for day 15. I am making curation post. But I will make it at a regular interval of 3-4 days. I have total 203,345.789 serey power with my staked serey and incoming serey. Here's for today.

1.Total World Connections and Actions Expose the Evil Agenda of the One World Governance Plot

2.Asphalt 9 'My Career' Chapter- 2 Gameplay_ Playing "Mountain Poles_Himalayas"

3.New Zealand Women beat South Africa Women by 6 wickets to South Africa Women won the series by 2-1

4.Some words about white jaba flower and some of its photography.

5.girl story

6.Lajyavati flower photography is very beautiful to look at I hope you will like it very much.

7.Busy first day after going to Dhaka on Wednesday // বুধবারে ঢাকা যাওয়ার পর প্রথম দিনের ব্যস্ততা

8.New road work has started but not finished yet.

9.Importance of sleep

10.The Diary Game

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