Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

What is Serey?
Serey is a next generation blockchain-based social media platform with an ecosystem of frontier decentralized applications (dApps) of Web 3.0. Our dApps are censorship-resistant due to its utilization of the Serey blockchain.
Serey aims at developing an open platform where anyone, anywhere is free to enter into dialogue without privilege, and to be rewarded for the creativity they provide to the platform.
Serey is neutral and agnostic by providing everyone equal access, no matter what their station of birth, race or economic power is. It is a place where anyone, anywhere may exercise their creativity, no matter how singular, without fear of being coerced into silence or conformity.
We believe that when we allow everyone to post and curate content, while giving them an economic and social incentive to be part of or to have a stake in the platform, information becomes more diverse and of higher quality. Information on Serey is stored on the blockchain and is distributed all over the world making it transparent, secure and immutable.
What problems does Serey solve?
Serey solves many problems that plague mainstream social media platforms, among which are:
  • Media centralization: Traditional social media platforms are centralized entities that take users’ content and sell it to advertisers, while channeling billions of dollars to their shareholders. The users of these platforms, those who are actually building and supporting the platforms, oftentimes don’t receive any rewards in return.
  • Censorship: Such platforms have, moreover, censorship controls that can distort the views and opinions of the people while suppressing freedom of expression and people’s creativity.
  • Low quality media: The quality of content is often compromised through censorship and not giving economic and social incentives to content-creators.
How does Serey work?
Serey is an ecosystem of decentralized social media applications, one of which is Other applications include the Serey Marketplace, Serey Football and Serey Poker. The Serey ecosystem is powered by the Serey blockchain, which stores content in an immutable blockchain ledger. The blockchain rewards its content contributors with digital tokens called SEREY or SRY for short.
The Serey blockchain mints new SRY daily and adds them into a “reward pool”. The tokens in the pool are then awarded to users within the Serey ecosystem.