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girl story


In a house in our village lived a young girl of 16 years. 
His parents and a younger brother lived with him at home. 
The girl was very beautiful. 
As a result of which the naughty boys of the village used to annoy him. 
Once a boy from another village proposed to her. 
But the girl rejected his proposal, causing the boy to harass her on the way to school and at various times.

Once the boy came to the village with a group and took the girl from the road to the bamboo grove. 
There they raped the girl. 
They then killed the girl and left her there. 
The girl's body was recovered from the spot the next day, and buried without janazah according to Imam Sahib's fatwa. 
Before that, the police came and looked, but they could not do anything. 
After this incident, the girl's family left their house and went somewhere else.

The man continued saying without stopping once,

Since then, the people of the village began to say that sometimes a girl was seen sitting alone crying in that bamboo grove, and a young boy took her away when she saw him. 
So people did not use that road at night unless it was very necessary. 
I was not very old then, so everyone forbade me to walk through that place. 
But I cared too much about these things

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