Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

Chhay Lin Lim
Chhay Lin Lim is a Blockchain lecturer at Saxion University in the Netherlands. He has authored the Blockchain Basics Book, which is currently used across more than 8 universities in the Netherlands.
Chhay Lin manages Serey by way of the Netherlands. He believes that Serey stimulates creativity, self-development, and autonomy. Three aspects that are indispensably linked to liberty. Without liberty, it would be impossible to be truly creative and to develop ourselves in meaningful ways. Chhay Lin's goal is to utilize the wonderful blockchain technology - which is essentially a social, political, and economic revolution - for its essential purpose: securing the rights to LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY for all.
Chhay Lem Lim
Chhay Lem Lim is the co-founder who started the idea to create Serey. Initially he thought that it would be good to focus on Cambodia. But later on, Chhay Lem thought that Serey has so much more potential and that it should focus internationally instead.
He is actively working with the developers in Cambodia in building Serey. He understands that having ideas alone isn’t enough. In order to make Serey succeed, it is important to have ideas, and stay open minded by listening to the developers and reading about the latest developments in the blockchain industry. By doing so, he allows ideas and visions of Serey to continuously evolve.