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New road work has started but not finished yet.


Any thing does not create beauty by itself, it is possible to create beauty by itself, only the wonderful scenes of natural beauty have been created by the creator in a beautiful form, moreover, if the things that are there are well taken care of, they can be presented beautifully to people.

 Many of you may be wondering why I am saying these words, the road I am standing on today or from where I am sharing the photography with you is not a very developed area, it is a photography within the many rural areas where I currently work.

 If you follow the old blocks again, you will see that I have shared some photographs of this place a long time ago, when there were many trees or forests, they were removed and cleared, and now there are very beautiful and large roads. The road work is still under construction, but it still captures a wonderful scene in the autumn afternoon.

 Those who work here, more or less all of them have finished their expatriate duty and walk on this road in their spare time. In fact, it looks as beautiful as it is and there are still some evergreen trees around, so maybe another beauty has increased.

 Everyone stay well, stay healthy, pray for me, thank you all for being with me. 
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