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Utopia curation report: #11


Here is Utopia curation report for day 11. I am making curation post. But I will make it at a regular interval of 3-4 days. I have total 203,345.789 serey power with my staked serey and incoming serey. Here's for today.

1.[ENG/RUS]. Summer sunset on the river and reflections. Летний закат на реке и отражения

2.The Abortion Battle We Don’t Need

3.Все гениальное — просто 🤫

4.Sundarbans Importance in Bangladesh

5.[Stop war!]: росіяни продовжують нищити культурну спадщину Одеси

6.Home Systems

7.Some beautiful pictures from a walk down the street today

8.White Angel flower photography

9.Here are some pictures of rice plants from our field

10.Some sun photography on the way

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