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White Angel flower photography


I think there are very few people who don't love flowers, no matter what color or shape they are, because flowers bring prosperity to people and create a veil of love, not only that, but flowers are also a symbol of love.

I have been absent from here for quite some time now for whatever reason I am here today to write a post and it feels so good anyway today I am here to present you a photography post to talk about.

I always have to go to different places for work sometimes hospital sometimes clinic sometimes school sometimes shop but it is not possible to go everywhere and do photography suddenly today I went to work in a school and saw many flower plants there but there are cc camera installed everywhere so photography is not possible. It is not possible to do.

Suddenly I looked at a flower tree. The flower tree was usually on the road site. It looks like the flower of guava tree in Bangladesh. It looks very beautiful. I think it is considered as white fairy in other countries. We have known it as guava flower since we were very young in Bangladesh. I saw that it is not guava flower then I asked the security guard here what is the name of the flower and he told me that it is White Angel.

This white flower has five petals and there is another circle in the middle which looks a bit like sin and there is also a small dot in the yellow circle which looks very bright because the whole flower is white and the middle part is from far away. The yellow color therefore grabbed the attention and moved towards him.

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