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Surabhi's exam ended a few days ago. After the exam, we insisted on this tea garden bungalow for vacation. We didn't go anywhere much because of our busy schedule. As we were less busy, we two brothers and Surbhi came here together for a visit. Majid is the caretaker of the house. 
Uncle used to take care of us. Yesterday morning when I woke up I found the main door of the bungalow open. Later I went to Surveer's room and found the door open and he was not in the room. I thought he might have gone somewhere around. But after a long time I saw him not coming back. 
And I started looking for Majid Mia. At one point I found Surbhi's wounded body inside the tea garden. (She started crying again.)

-Stop Rafi Sahib. Don't cry like that. Well, I don't see your younger brother

- The day before Surabhi's death, he went to Dhaka at noon for his university work.

- Oh well. How long have you been here?

- It's been five days.

-Oh how long did you want to stay?

-That's about a month.

- Oh. Well, the caretaker of the bungalow was saying that there is a hideout of ghosts in the bungalow. From here, the sound of Nupur's footsteps and then the sound of a girl laughing can be heard. Is it true?

- Yes, every night since the day after arrival, such a sound comes.

- Well, okay. Today, your sister's body will be handed over. No one from your family will come?

- Yes, my younger brother and m

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