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Here are some pictures of rice plants from our field.


Farming is never a small task. Because if we don't have rice by farming rice, we will feel very difficult for our food. Rice is a crop that we need all over the world. Paddy is a crop that people die for. Many people decide to die when this crop of paddy is destroyed. Because the farmers waste thousands of rupees and cultivate paddy. In order to earn some money from that money, they do agricultural work to increase their money.

When the crop is over, the original is destroyed, they go broke because the farmers mostly do everything in the rest and have to repay the money when the crop is over. In many places, they take installments from the bank or from anywhere. They will pay the money but when they see that the crop is destroyed, they suffer a lot and it is very difficult for them to repay that money, so many of them decide to leave their lives, but it is still useless, many choose the path of death.

In our Bangladesh, I have seen many farmers in our village when their crops are destroyed, they cannot hold back their tears, they cannot put two handfuls of rice in the mouths of their sons and daughters. If the family can't put rice in their mouths, where will we get rice, I salute them.

Because they are there, today we can eat two handfuls of rice twice a day. Cultivating rice well is a very difficult task. Not everyone can cultivate rice. Patience and faith are necessary to cultivate rice. Can't do it for which they choose to commit suicide.

We can't respect the farmers in many cases. There are many people who look down on the farmers. In fact, the farmers are not small. They should be kept above our heads. Because they are there, we can move well today. Will be back with something new hope everyone is well and healthy.
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