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As I have written, some people think and feel writing is very difficult, because they don't know where to start. But if you remember, since we opened our eyes this morning, that's the beginning of a story. Even we are the main cast, while the screenplay has been written by the Owner Rabbi of All Stories.. ![IMG_20181222_070646.jpg]( We are indeed not great people, we are just a speck of dust that has a million flavors and stories. As long as we still have the memory to capture the story, why don't we try to write it. In the future, where we are gone, not only the tomb with the name label emblazoned on the gravestone we left behind, but there is a morning story in the form of writing that we inherit for our grandchildren later. They will know that we have lived and made history.. Apart from all that, writing is still difficult and has its own level of difficulty. At least for the opinions of some people. As I have felt for example, those who don't have the slightest idea to write. I am confused, what I want to write. Is there not an interesting event to write because every day even hours have a unique event or event no matter how small the incident is? Both in the form of contemplative experiences, inspirational hopes and progressive opinions.. Do whatever you can to make it comfortable when writing. For smokers can while smoking, drinking coffee, tea, or also can while listening to music. Basically for writing activities becomes a fun activity and does not become a burden even when there is no desire to write. So the writer continued.. Such tips really need to be done so that writing activities continue to be productive. Basically the more writing will affect the quality of writing. Practicing every day is not a waste of time to become a writer. For me personally, my thinking and writing process can easily be traced through writing.. That is the reason I wrote. Again, there is no need to bother asking how good my writing is. Writing does not beg for assessment of quality. Also my writings are not for any writing competition. Just recording a trace of writing, and history for myself. The rest? The rest, all of them passed on to your judgment, but I hope that there will be wisdom that you can take. ![IMG_20181217_100420.jpg]( **Thank you very much..**
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