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These magnificent buildings that take you into the parallel universe - Part Two



This bright side decided to find out which modern building could complete the list of surprises. Because it everyone had heard of 7 wonders of the world since ancient time. But believe or not, there are even more wonderful buildings that deserve our attention. They rotate our fantasies with their incredible lines. Its civilization should be proud of these architectural masterpieces. They found a lot of them! Just look at these buildings. ## The Cubic Houses of Rotterdam, Netherlands ________________________ ![]( They give the impression that the whole world has vomited. There is a group of 40 homes on Overblaak Street in Rotterdam. Well, inside there are private apartments. They wonder what one of them likes to live in. These houses were constructed by architects Piet Blom, and all these walls and windows were kept at 45 degrees Celsius. ## Atomium in Brussels, Belgium ______________________________ ![]( This body focus centered cubic unit of the atomic iron crystal indicates 9 iron atoms in the shape of the cell. However, this is a fully featured building. By following these tubes, one can move between the spheres and reach a science museum or restaurant. Those who see the building may think that this is a huge statue made of metal. ## City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain _________________________ ![]( This complex consists of 5 buildings, a covered plaza, an IMAX cinema, a park, a science museum and a marine science park. It really looks in the future and reminds one of the skeletons of a brilliant beast. This is another excellent example of modern architecture, and it is located on the water in the middle of the park in Valencia. ## Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan __________________________________- ![]( This magnificent woman architect Zaha Hadid has to go for his love of "foreign" shapes to design the liquid form of the building. There are exhibition halls and offices in it. This Heydar Aliyev Center is perhaps the most eager and recognized building in Baku. ## Emporia Shopping Mall in Malmo, Sweden _____________________________________ ![]( It cuts through the building as it is going to fall. Inside this, visitors and shopkeepers can get colorful escalators, swings instead of sitting benches and hanging gardens. This double-bent glass surrounds the diagonal slit and it is the largest in shopping center Scandinavia. # Wait for some other fabulous buildings, in the next parts wait to continue, and hope you like it !! Thank you @ YASH0108 ![](; [pics-source](
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