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South Korean Business School to Offer MBA in Cryptocurrency



![]( This school is offering programs in the form of self-described Master Degree Program in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Tokens Economics courses from technical, Cryptocurrency and business strategic perspectives. These courses will focus on many crypto, smart contracts, funding, dapp creation, game theory and whitepaper development. ![]( It is being claimed that it is the world's first MBA, which will be introduced around Cryptocurrency. It is reported by that Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies of AKA (MBA) will offer the Master of Business Administration degree program which focuses on cryptocurrency. ![]( This school is quoted in the article. This is really an exciting development and hopefully more schools will follow in their stages. In spite of high level social interest in blockchain and Cryptocurrency, this systematic education is currently available in the industry. This mission of the Academic Business School's Crypt MBA program is to overcome the lack of academic research. [images-source]( )
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