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India is facing sanctions after the Pakistanis do not get the World Cup visa



It a couple of days before the attack on the Pulwama attack, two Pakistani shooters of India said on Wednesday that India may have to face sanctions after not receiving a visa to participate in a World Cup program in New Delhi. This International Shooting Sport Federation has warned of consequences to India. ![]( These two Pakistani shooters Bashir and Khalil and their manager had to take part in the program, but they did not arrive for Wednesday's formalities. In this statement it was said that the ISSF World Cup in New Delhi faces an urgent situation because if Pakistani athletes cannot get admission visa to participate in the competition. It's a apart from this, the ISSF and Organizing Committee are discussing possible outcomes for India as a host country for future international events in all sports. The Federation and Indian Organizing Committee are making all efforts to resolve the situation to avoid the discrimination of the Pakistani team. Its with the 500 shooters from these 58 countries, this event is a qualifier for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This India who has expressed a strong interest in hosting the 2032 Olympics and these 2030 Asian Games, this international Olympic Committee may face the action, if Pakistan is stopped from participating. [source](
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