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Utopia curation report: #16


Here is Utopia curation report for day 16. I am making curation post. But I will make it at a regular interval of 3-4 days. I have total 203,345.789 serey power with my staked serey and incoming serey. Here's for today.

1.I have come to you today with many beautiful tit eggplant flower photography.

2.Afghanistan won the match by 8 runs against Sri Lanka in Quarter Final 3 Match of the Asian Games Mens T20I 2023.

3.[Stop war!]: В Гаазі росія розігрує жертву, в Україні - показує своє справжнє обличчя

4.Neymar scored his first goal for Al Helal and Al Helal won his first match.

5.Sylhet Jaflong travel photography.

6.Honest man All time true

7.Curation Report #46/47 for the R2cornell Community

8.[ENG/RUS]. Does money rule the world? Or is it all wrong? Деньги правят миром? Или всё это не так

9.Some photographs of Madrasa and Talbelems.

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