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Hi lovelies! My name is Inyene. It’s a pleasure to introduce myself to you all after a long while. I am a Nigerian. I’m still in the University, studying computer science. My brain is heavily loaded with mathematics, programming languages and lots of other related courses. At times I salute the ancient scientists, because it's not really a bed of roses to study sciences. Getting to know that such a platform like serey exist is a great privilege. I've been wondering ever since. Though I found it a bit difficult to believe that one could register free on a platform, create contents there and be rewarded for it, I now can believe and salute the efforts of the administrative team of this platform. Serey got it all right by making this platform solely for quality contents. Lots of other platforms of this nature that allow for any kind of contents do get their platforms unorganized, as users right all sort of stuff even without niches. A quick look at the difference between blogging on serey and blogging Google: Google bloggers struggle a lot for ranking of their blogs, while serey bloggers have no such issues, as their articles invite other users by virtue of their qualities. I'm on serey to join hands to take serey to the next level via qualitative analysis. I'm grateful for your time. Thanks for welcoming me. It's Unyime on board!
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