Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

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Did you know that your voice is valuable?

You can earn money by writing and posting articles, pictures and videos on Serey. Serey is a blockchain based social media platform where you are rewarded in Serey coins for your creativity. Serey coins are fair and safe.

Whenever you post something on traditional social media like Facebook, Youtube or Twitter, you don’t receive any money. But your content and user profile are used by these companies and sold to advertisers.

With Serey, you own your own content. Everytime someone upvotes your article, you receive Serey coins which have real market value.

Serey uses cutting edge blockchain technology which also drives Bitcoin, but is different in several ways. The most important difference is how new coins are distributed. With Bitcoin, miners give up their computing power to secure the Bitcoin network and receive Bitcoin rewards. With Serey, you provide your creativity and intelligence by writing posts, and you will receive Serey rewards.

In other words, Serey makes use of Proof of Creativity.

It’s this simple. Use Serey, receive some free Serey coins to start with, write articles, and earn Serey coins.

Register now freely at, and be part of a social revolution.

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