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US has announced sanction again Russia "Cyber attacks"


The US has announced sanctions against Russia in response to what it said were cyberattacks and other hostile actions.

What did the Biden administration say?

On Thursday, Mr. Biden described his decision to impose sanctions on Russia as "adequate". "I have made it clear to President Putin that we can go further, but I have decided not to," Biden told reporters. "The United States does not want to start a cycle of escalation and conflict with Russia". A statement from the White House said the new sanctions show that the United States "will impose a strategic cost and an economic impact on Russia" if it continues to "act of international destabilization". .

America's new weapon against Russia? Detail

Meanwhile, the White House admits that there is little evidence to support claims that Russia offered bonuses to Taliban fighters for killing American soldiers.

What was the response from Moscow?

The statement adds: «Such aggressive behavior will of course get a decisive response.

What is the foundation?

The Obama-Biden administration was accused of standing side by side while Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

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