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Trump Launches New 'Media' Platform


Donald Trump has launched a new "media" website, which says it will publish content "directly from the desk" of the former US president. Trump was banned by Twitter and suspended by Facebook and YouTube following the Capitol riots in January. The former president has since issued statements by press release - which the new website will now host. Users will be able to like posts - and also share them on Twitter and Facebook accounts.

It was just the beginning of his effort to try to re-establish media engagement. "The move comes a day before a decision from Facebook's Supervisory Board about whether to ban Trump permanently. " Miller tweeted on Tuesday that the new website is not the social media platform he previously advertised. If he is allowed to return to the site, Facebook will have seven days to reactivate his account.

Trump has 88 million followers, banned him permanently. "In general, sharing content from the referenced website is allowed as long as the material does not violate Twitter's Rules," a Twitter spokesperson told the BBC.

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