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Let's rest



I agree to give everything to nature to manage. I accept everything according to the existing journey. I let the lifeline drift through the valley.
If I really believe in the journey, if these are true, you will get it. This is the way I can point out to you that we have no power over this realm of life.

Do what your heart needs, choose what makes you happy because everything in this world already has no ownership, not even our life, our way of life, our day of death is ready. If you have already done a decent task, you will no longer regret it, no longer intervene to change it ... anyway, that is it, and the rest of the time is to live idle, not chaotic.

The pursuit of dreams, the pursuit of desires, the demands of wanting to win and lose, with and without ... is the busyness of life, the demands of success, and in the end, we die empty. I have no way to teach you to be successful because I am not a successful person in the eyes of everyone, I am an ordinary person, no status: nothing in society, I have nothing big in life, but all I can tell you is a break in the journey. Take a break from busy work.

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