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Apple's profits have doubled from Facebook's surge


Apple's profits have doubled from Facebook's surge in iPhone sales, especially in China, which has doubled Apple's profits since the start of the pandemic. The results reflect "optimism" for the coming days, said the boss of Apple. Rival tech company Facebook also reported windfall revenue and profit. But the social media giant warns that the latest version of Apple's software could undermine its prospects later this year.

Sales in China nearly doubled, leading to overall sales for the first three months of this year of $ 89.6 billion, up more than 50% from the previous year. "The iPhone remains a flagship product and the gateway to the Apple universe, providing Apple with" a major launching pad "to sell other services, "The sheer scale of Apple's sales is a testament to the appeal that the embossed shiny fruit has on global consumers," she added. Figures from Facebook also show that advertisers are optimistic about spending online.
Almost all of Facebook's income comes from advertising, so when Facebook is doing well it often suggests that we are buying more stuff from the internet. A new feature will prompt device users to decide if they're happy when the app collects their data.

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