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Easily cook Ruizani's delicious Kaliya fish


![1552376910-picsay.jpg]( kinds of food can be made from ordinary flavors. The same verse is Kalia. If you do not diversify the cook, then the same type of food does not like long. So Ruiz fish can be made with delicious Kaliya. Learn Recipe- Rui Fish - A (big piece) Two cups of sour yogurt Onion is a cup of onions Ginger curry The amount of onion and garlic in quantity Five to six glasses of glass Raisin 50 g Ghee one teaspoon Oil and cumin powder in quantity. Firstly, the pieces of fish must be fry in the oil. In addition, take a dried yogurt with a bowl of fried fish and roast it for 5 minutes. In another pot, add one teaspoon of ghee and a lot of oil to it, onion onion, ginger curd, onion paste Ginger gourd, salt, sugar (little), turmeric powder, pepper powder, must be sprayed with spices. Afterwards, fish must be given to the cauliflower with yogurt. Then it should be well cooked with lid until it becomes frozen. Before removing, add ketchup, chopped chilli and sprouted cumin powder.
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