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Bat characteristics



**Scientific Name** | **Chiroptera** ------------------------- | ------------------------- **Ordo** | **Chiroptera Blumenbach, 1779** **Class** | **Mammalia** **Klasifikasi** | **Ilmiah**
As we have seen, bats are flying mammals originating from the Chiroptera order with both front legs developing into wings. When examined there are only a few animals that are very dependent on flying and moving like bats. Although birds and insects also fly they can walk if necessary. but the bat's limbs and legs are not suitable for walking, this you can see directly or you can see on other social media as I mentioned.
The purpose of the understanding of being unable to walk is that they cannot stand properly. So bats need to be perched, the easiest way for him is to depend, with the head down. Then bats do a lot of things that are very extraordinary.
There are so many other mammals in the world, bats are the only mammals that can fly. While their children are born alive and drink their mother's milk. when children are very small, mothers take them during hunting by putting them in the outer skin pouch. Tonight creatures are often seen at night because bats are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night and sleep during the day. Because they have to hunt for food. Then we might pay for how great their vision is when they hunt.
Experts say that bats don't depend on their eyes to move everywhere. When the bat flies, they make a loud noise. These voices are too high to be caught by the human ear. Then this echo of sound was reflected back to the pressure during flight. Bats can find out whether the echo comes from a barrier nearby or from a distant place, and can change its direction to avoid hitting the barrier that is in front of his eyes. This means that where he moves will certainly follow the reflections he issued earlier.
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