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The sky turned red colour, like clouds seem to be burning...


Suddenly one day the sky turned red. The clouds in the sky seem to be burning. I think the clouds will burn to ashes. It's scary to look at, but it's also interesting. The sky had been in such a state for a long time, a scene that lasted for about half an hour. This is because the sun's rays are reflected in the clouds after sunset. For this the clouds were red. 


The incident happened many days ago. Watching this scene was an experience of my life. Although I have never seen such an event before. I used to live in Kushtia then. Three of us friends lived in a house in Kushtia to study. Suddenly a friend of mine came and told us that a strange thing had happened in the sky. Let's see with me. I went to the roof of the house with him. And saw such a scene. Many people climb on the roofs of their houses to see such scenes..We didn't have a good brand of phone then, so the resolution of the pictures was not good. But the view was really weird ...

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