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The government should keep the prices of commodities within normal and prevent the rise in commodity prices....


The government should control the price of goods properly. At the same time, the government should protect the country from rising commodity prices. Rising commodity prices are terrible for the common man and for the country. 

Several ministries of the Government of Bangladesh work to prevent price fluctuations and to keep commodity prices stable. One of them is TCB. TCB means Trade Corporation of Bangladesh.TCB's job is to get products from the people at harvest time or to import products from abroad. And distribute them among the common people at a lower price when the price is higher.

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The sad thing is that it is not possible for TCB to control the prices of all products. Different syndicates control the breaths of those different products. Because these syndicates buy products from farmers at low prices and then sell them to common people at higher prices. The government should properly monitor these issues. As if the syndicates do not take products from the people at higher prices. In many countries these issues are controlled by the government but not fully controlled in Bangladesh. As a result, the common people are facing extreme misery. 

The rise in commodity prices is alarming in the family economy of ordinary low-income people or middle class family. The government should make arrangements to bring the prices of daily necessities within the reach of the common man.


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