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GK canal. The second largest canal in Bangladesh... Very important for agriculture.


The beautiful canal you can see is a branch of the GK canal in Bangladesh.

GK Canal means Ganga-Kopotaksh canal. The name of this canal is GK Canal because it originates from the river Ganges and ends at Kopotaksh. It was excavated mainly for agriculture. This canal is still used for agricultural work.

The GK Canal was originally built during the rule of Pakistan. It has been dug so that people can easily get irrigation facilities in agriculture.

Because at that time farmers had to use deep tube wells for irrigation or wait for natural rains.Irrigation of land by drawing water from deep tube wells has to bear more cost. Due to this difficulty a canal needs to be dug. It has become a great initiative for the farmers of the south-western part of Bangladesh.

The river water is mainly used to end this canal, i.e. the water of the river Ganges. The water of the river Ganges flows through the pump and is discharged through the canal. And at certain points those waters are used for irrigation. That is why there is a pump station in Bheramara upazila of Kushtia district. This water flow is divided into many branches and flows through the lands. So that farmers can use it very easily.

The construction of this canal has reduced the cost of agriculture for the farmers and also increased the crop production.

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