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Ant, the most industrious animal in the world. We have learning a lot from ant...


I believe that we have learning a lot from ants. Because the ants live in groups, teamwork work and no attacks groups. They are faithful and tolerant on each other. Who should be faithful and tolerant on each other. But what do we do? Another major thing is that one of the hardest animals in the world is one of the ants. The ants are much more industrious. And they like to work out teamwork. I see a lot of time, the ant carry more weight from their weight.

We should be very hard working in our lives. Because good results are not available without work in life. I heard an ants of earthquake predicts. The ideas about the prediction of earthquake forecasts from their abnormal motion.

Two large Black Garden Ant is moving on small trees. Ants are looking for their food. These ants are agreeable to see. It looks like the ants are two husbands and wife. Hahaha... I fell on a site, the minimum of 10000 species of ants in the world lived. Can you imagine that !!!

But we saw some species of ants of sugar or some species ants. The ants in urban areas can not be seen. But many types of ants can be seen in the countryside or in the forest. I have seen several types. However, red ants are aggressive.


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