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The Biography of legend and most talented football player .. Brazilian Ronaldo


![images (30).jpeg]( [Source]( Football is the most popular game in the world . Everyone know Brazil Ronaldo as most talented football player . He was a profesional football player . He is a legend football player in the history of football world . Ronaldo was a brazilian profesional football player . His full name is Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima. He was born in Rio de Janerio of Brazil . Ronaldo was born on eighteen september 1976. At present his age is 44 years old . His height is 1 feet 83 inc. He was very skillful striker in Brazil national team. When his age was 15 years old , he joined Sao Cristovao. Sao Cristovao is a youth football club. He played four years this club. After four years he joined Cruzeiro in 1993. He played until 1993-1994. He scored twelve goals . In 1994 he joined PSV club . He scored fourty two goals in 46 matches . In 1996 he joined Barcelona club . There he played untill 1996-1997. He scored 34 goals . In 1997 he joined Inter Milan club . He scored 49 goals . In 2002 he joined Real madrid club . He scored 83 goals in 127 matches . He played in Real madrid club until 2002-2007 . In 2007 he joined A.C. Milan . He scored nine goals . After two years he joined Corinthians club . There he played until 2009-2011. He scored 18 goals . As a national player he played Brazil U17 Cup in 1993. He scored 5 goals in 7 matches .In 1996 he played Brazil U23 Cup . He scored six goals . As Brazil national team player , he played until 1994-2011. There he scored 62 goals in 98 matches . In 1994 he played FIFA world Cup . Brazil played final matches .Brazil won FIFA world Cup 1994. In 1998 Franch defeated Brazil .In 2002 Brazil won FIFA world cup .In 1997 Brazil won FIFA confederation cup . In 1995 Uruguay defeated Brazil of Copa America Cup . In 1997 Brazil won Copa America cup . In 1999 Brazil won Copa america cup . Ronaldo played this every matches . Ronaldo has more contributions in Brazil team. He leads La liga club of spanish super cup championship in 2003. Ronaldo engaged with model Daniela Cicarelli ,in 2005. Ronaldo scored ten goals 2006 FIFA world Cup. He became Top Scorer of Supercopa Libertadores unitil 1993-1994 . He achieved Team of year award 1993-1994, 1994. In 1993-1994, he became Top Scorer of Campeonato Mineiro. In 1996, 1997, 2002, he achieved The player of the year awards .In 1997 he achieved most valuable player award of Copa america .He achived Bronze boot of FIFA confederation cup1997. In 1997 he achieved the most valuable playeraward of UEFA cup 1997. In 1997 he became top goal scorer of IFFHS . In 1997, 1998, he achieved Bravo award .In 1998 he achieved Golden ball of FIFA world Cup .In 2006 he achived Branch boot award . ![images (31).jpeg]( [Source]( In 2006 he achieved golden boot .Becides he achieved uncounted awards . He was world top goals scorer player in FIFA world cup until 2014. But in 2014, Close broke his record in FIFA world Cup 2014. In a world he is a most talented legend player in the history of football world . Regards @simaroy
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