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Trying to fulfill my civil rights



Today has started my day a little differently because today my destination is not my workplace because today my destination is to be honest in the polling station what is going on in my local area and there is voting to elect a representative and since I am a conscious citizens so I tried to vote from my place according to my civil rights.Candidates have been flocking to our area for the last few days as they try to reach out to everyone and find out about them and inform them about their issues.They also came to my city workplace several times and they told us their issues and I tried to get them to speak from my place and I said I will try to get you to vote.Today when I went to the polling station in the morning and I was pleasantly surprised to see the atmosphere there because this time the environment was much calmer and more secluded and there were a lot of law enforcement people due to which people could not do extra noise All in all there was a peaceful atmosphere.I believe that those who are conscious citizens will vote for their most conscious candidate and they will try to win and work for the development of this city. I believe that they will think about the rights of the citizens and respect the rights of the citizens will try.Finally, I greet all the candidates and I would like to thank them for being elected and working for the welfare of the people.

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