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The life of a working mother



I hope everyone is well. I wish everyone a good time. I am going to rewrite today. I hope my readers will like my story and it happened today when I was going to the office.I have to face a lot of things every day when I go to the office and every day some things make me think a lot and I try to write about those things but today that event is completely different and I tried to explain it as I am.This is the picture of the baby and her mother watching. They both got in my car today when I was going to the office.Like every day I was going to the office this morning, the lady was working in an office and she was also going to the office on time but what happened to her is very annoying because she is taking care of her family and going to work again to her, every morning is like a battle.However, the baby is very beautiful and before she got in the car, she was telling her to stay. I will go to the office but her baby is not willing to stay. She will go to the office with her and all in all an uncomfortable situation was created when we were getting in the car when.However, she had to stop the car in the middle of the road because her child wanted to eat again. She went to the store again and bought biscuits. All in all, it was an uncomfortable situation, but the child is very beautifulI had a good time on the road today, but seeing her mother's condition, I think she is in a very annoying situation, so she has to take care of her office on the one hand and her family on the other hand what to say is that every working mother is in the same situation.Whatever the experience was this morning I tried to write this but I will have respect and love for every working mother because it is for them that their children may grow up better in this world.

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