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The brain is on fire



Sometimes it gets so annoying at times that it becomes very difficult to explain that a day like this is passing today.While this may be a pleasant thing for many, it can be frustrating for me at times, even though my new workplace will be open in two days, so I'm having a very busy time, which makes me feel like I'm on fire.Most of the people around me know very well that I am a very normal person and I try to do everything right but these few days I am under a lot of pressure which is making it very difficult for me to handle everything.Two days have closed my old workplace because I am trying to give a little time to the new workplace and do a lot of decoration work there and today I tried to do the water line and ceiling work there.After working hard all day today, I have finally finished the water line and ceiling work and tomorrow some equipment will come to my new chamber from Dhaka.Honestly, sometimes there is joy in the midst of hundreds of hardships when at the end of the day all the work is done in the right way.Anyway for the time being I am a little mentally thinking but I believe if my work is done properly then this mental worry of mine will go away.Anyway friends pray for me that I can better understand my new chamber and start everything in a new way. Pray for me so thank you all and for now my new chamber is well then my brain the burden of work will be extinguished.


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