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Yesterday, due to the continuous busyness of the whole day, when my body was very tired, I came home and it was as if my body was stuck in bed and fell asleep.Nothing in the world feels good when you are tired because I think honestly everything is fine. I need sleep now to get rid of all the fatigue.One thing to note is that when you are tired, when you are not in a good mood, you will not feel good even if there are a thousand good things in front of you, however last night was like that to me. I don't remember when I fell asleep last night, but when I wake up this morning, it will be about five o'clock in the morning and i trying to writing the post .Today is my special day. I have been waiting for this day for five long years. To be honest, today will be my government job exam because we had a circular during the Corona period because our health system is in a very fragile state People are taking new ones in the health sector again, I have that exam today.I had a good night's sleep last night and I think I had a good night's sleep because I was tired. However, before I woke up in the morning, my brother's daughter was calling me.I'm coming to my older brother's house. Honestly, my brother is the eldest in our family and he has a daughter and I love my niece very much and when I see her inocent face I forget everything and I can do everything for her.I brought sweets for her from outside last night. She came to me with sweets in the morning and she is calling me. After waking up, when I saw inocent face, a different freshness was working inside me.she eats and tells me that if your exam is good today, you can bring me some other food. I will eat chips, I will eat chocolate, I will eat other food. When I woke up and heard that, I told him I would bring everything for you.Honestly, I like him very much and everyone in our family loves him very much. Anyway the day started looking at her face I hope the whole day will go well and something good will wait for me. Good morning everyone. 

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