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Towards the end of winter, it is getting very cold. People's life has become very difficult for you. No one wants to go out except in need.I have no time to stop because I always have to run for my work.Anyway friends, a new day has started and I am moving forward with a new thought. I hope this time will be better.When I woke up and came out with the brush in my hand, I saw that it was very cold in the fog and it was very difficult to stay outside.After freshening up for a while, I entered the house and thought about how to pass the time today.Honestly, I get out of the house thinking every day and I plan to spend the whole day thinking like that because I try to get myself into a routine.Now I am having a busy time because I have to make my own food and eat it because my beloved wife is sick and the time is not going well so I am trying to do my own work.When I left home for work, I met some acquaintances in the middle of the day. I got the car in the middle of the day and said that I was about to go to my destination. On the way to the destination, the car stopped again and a gentleman got up thereI tried to talk to him and heard that his little child sick so he was being taken to see a doctor.Every day when I go to the office and when I come home from the office, how many people I meet in the car, how many people have problems, everyone seems to be running at their own pace, according to their own rules.In this severe cold, everyone from young to old and from children to old people are having a bad time. Everyone is suffering from various ailments However, nowadays I only meet people during my travels, moreover, I don't go out of the house at all because I don't go out because the condition of the surroundings is not good.Today is the beginning of a new day for those who have struggled to get out of work this winter, wishing them success in their endeavors, and wishing them a successful return home.

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