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I hope everyone is well, time is running out, I hope I am going to write a new blog today, but today's block is a little different from other aspects, I hope my readers will like my blog.First of all, we are the people of temperate regions, we do not tolerate excessive cold, we do not tolerate excessive heat.As time goes on the weather is changing at a faster rate and to be honest they are constantly changing the weather and this time the winter is a little more than other times.This is what happened this morning which I will write about now.I always go out for work and the biggest thing is to go to work every day and serve people at the end of the day. This is my responsibility.The physical condition from the outside is not going well either because I am constantly faced with obstacles while going to the office inside this cold and because of which overall I am sick and trying to serve people.Today the amount of fog is much higher than other days and is not visible at all. Everywhere I look, there is a very difficult situation. Maybe you can understand by looking at the picture but in reality this situation was more difficult. However after a long hassle finally the destination is now my office and I hope I can reach the office well .I came this way today, I don't know what the rest of the day is waiting for me, I want the rest of the day to wait for something good for me.  good morning all.

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