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It's harder to get home from work now than it was the other day. Honestly, when I get back from work, I feel like the cold wind is hitting me in a way that hurts me.People have to be served in the clinic all day and then when they go home in the cold air, it is really a little difficult, however, life is going on like this.I like to eat fried eggs because the funniest thing is that I am a little more interested in fried eggs than other foods because it is very commonly fried and the onion that is given in it is because it is more fun to eat.There is a shopkeeper very close to the chamber who sells fried eggs on the street. In fact, it is very fun to eat his fried eggs. Fried eggs with parota and the most interesting thing is that it is very good to eat with porota.It was getting cold and I couldn't find a car inside. It was a boring time. I finally went to the shop and saw a lot of people. In fact, everyone seems to be like me. Everyone is hungry.I finally went and ordered the fried egg and parota and ate it while standing with it in my hand. However, when I was eating, I felt that a different feeling was at work. I really liked the hot food inside this cold.The happiness that I got at that moment, I think I will not be able to eat in any expensive restaurant because I was very hungry and because of that it seemed like nectar to me, I had a good time.

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