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I wish you all a good morning and a good time but I am in a bit of trouble today. I will try to share my thoughts with you today.The issues I read about are very personal and yes, since I write here, I write down my thoughts here at the end of the day so that I can see it again later.The problems aren't really that much, but as times have changed, so have the demands and the way of thinking.When I fell asleep last night, I suddenly woke up just before dawn and I realized that there was fog on the roof of the house.I grabbed the mobile phone with difficulty and tried to look at the temperature. I was not ready at all because I saw that it was 13 degrees centigrade.I think it would have been nice if the temperature had risen a little in the morning and the sun had risen because it's hard to go to my office these days in the cold.Although I shouldn't think like that at all, I went back to sleep after the off and when I woke up I saw that it was half past nine.The mind does not want to go out because it is cold outside. I have to travel 30 kilometers to the office. It seems like it is a thought but my responsibility has taken me away from all worries and then I got up for the purpose of action.The sun hasn't been rising for the last few days when I'm out and there aren't many passengers in the car when I'm going.Honestly, there is no trouble because of the fog. The trouble is because of the cold wind. Although I am wearing very thick clothes, it seems that the cold wind is blowing on my clothes and it is very uncomfortable.If I hadn't thought about it, maybe the weather would have changed as I thought, and everything would have been normal, so it would have been much better to go to work and I would have been able to better serve people. Anyway, I'm doing so much just to serve people may humanity be awakened inside every human being.

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