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Mr.Karim condition has not been going well for a few days now. Mr. Karim lives right next to my house and when I want to meet him, his face is always sad because he has been very ill for several days.Well, I will try to write about mr. Karim  condition because I sometimes try to present the reality in my story, that is what I will do today.The last time he met me he was suffering from severe depression and he didn't even speak to me. I realized that his state of mind was suffering from an unknown disease which always made him mentally ill.I didn't realize today that I would meet him in the car in the morning like this. In fact, today when I come to the office I see him sitting 2 seats in the car and staring at the sky.I don't know if he saw me but I'm watching from a distance and trying to understand his movements.I have to be so busy in the morning that I spend too much time giving myself time and I don't have time to think about people.The car started moving and suddenly after going some distance the car stopped and the car stopped in front of a hospital. I saw Karim went down with a lot of papers in his hand .I realized that he was not going to tell anyone what had happened to him. Maybe he is suffering from an unknown disease. The biggest thing is how many people in this world are suffering from various diseases In fact, at the end of the day, we all become so mechanical robot that no one tries to find anyone.I just looked at him from a distance and prayed to the Creator to bring back the smile on his face so that he can live well again in the beautiful world. However, this is how this morning started.

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