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delicious Lunch with younger brother



The reason I don't go out for a long time and the main reason I don't go out is because I am busy with work at the end of the day, but sometimes I have to go out for my work as I did yesterday.I felt so bad yesterday that I couldn't write a story. I was so busy all day yesterday that when I sat down to write a story at night, my body felt very tired so I fell asleep so I couldn't write anymore.The first reason I went to Bogura yesterday was to buy some instruments for my chamber and that is why I had to go to Bogura because there is a surgical shop in Bogura.I desperately need the equipment I went to buy and I didn't have time to go because I didn't have time to go. I came to the office yesterday and got time so I went to that shop.Then I went to Bogura and finished my shopping. It was almost noon and I was very hungry. To be honest, I went to Bogura and called my younger brother and he met me because he lives in Bogura to study.Who assisted me with the shopping and the two of us shopped together for a long time and finally told him to name a good restaurant where we could eat well.Eventually according to him we both went to a restaurant and the name of the restaurant is Akbaria and the biggest thing is that this restaurant is very well known in Bogura city, all kinds of food are available here so we went to that restaurant.Since we went there in the afternoon we went and first checked their food menu and from there we finally ordered mutton Biryani and with it Salad and some soft drink.All in all we had a very nice time and the food was very nice and after a long time we are eating such delicious food and the environment there is very nice and the price of the food is very reasonable.Anyway thank you so much to my younger brother for accompanying me and I will remember the time for many day.

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