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World victory in faith



World victory in faith In a word, our own faith in ourselves inspires us to win the world.  We can talk about a cricketer from our country.  Shakib Al Hasan.  Who has been able to establish himself as the number one all-rounder in the world three times in a row.  He still has this record.  Confidence is the name of the precious object that has brought him to this place.  And this self-confidence is a great power, the touch of which can bring success in life.  You can't think of success in life without real self-confidence.  Those who have achieved success in life have not received any lamp of Alauddin or they have not achieved success by touching any magic wand.  The first thing that comes to mind when reviewing the lives of every successful person is their self-confidence.  The stronger his self-confidence, the more success he has been able to achieve.  To be sure, it is impossible to succeed without confidence.

Now the question is what is confidence and how to achieve success through confidence?  In order to strengthen your self-confidence, you need to know yourself first.  Self-confidence is the belief in oneself, so it is necessary to know oneself first.  It is not possible to gain self-confidence without knowing or recognizing yourself.  If anyone thinks I can do this before I start any work.  Only then can he do it for me.  But if you think before you start that work is not possible by me, then you are more likely not to do it.

We need to remember that achieving something good or achieving success in life is not an Aladdin's lamp or magic.  It’s our confidence, positive.  The result of attitudes and attitudes and we can create those attitudes ourselves.  Every healthy and normal thinking person has a beautiful normal.  And there are dreams of a successful life.  None of us want to be in the back row.  Everyone wants to move forward.  In our eyes.  Senali dreams of the future.  Beautiful normal life and economic liberation is our only hope.  Only confidence, work and a positive attitude can fulfill that expectation.  Only strong mindset and self-confidence can bring proper success in your life.

Now naturally the question comes, what do we mean by success?  There has been a lot of research on success and failure over the ages.   We should learn from history during this regard.  That is, what was the course of action of all the people who had achieved success in their lives in the past?  What qualities did they possess?  What was the secret of their success?  If we take a closer look at these, we will understand what is needed for success in life.  Again, what was the course of action of those who failed or failed in the past?  What were their problems?  Where was the mistake?  What is the reason for their failure?  If we take a look at these issues, we will find the picture of success and failure.

There is no secret to true success.  Success is only the result of a few special qualities and the application of some ideals on a regular basis.  Those who can do these special things with confidence are successful in life.  Failure on the other hand is the repetition of some mistakes.  That is to make the same mistake over and over again.  Not following proper procedures, not showing positive attitude and not doing the job with confidence.  And for all these reasons, a lake continues to fail again and again in life.  Success appears to him to be the deer of the army.  Day by day he broke down, became inactive.  So failure does not leave him behind.

How can a person make his life beautiful and successful?  How can we identify success?  Success cannot be limited.  The meaning or explanation of success may vary from person to person.  For some, success means getting rich, for others, it means gaining social status.

To be continue.

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Regards: Shimi

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