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Stress Solution



Sometimes we all have to face stress. The only way to get rid of stress is to take a deep breath for a minute, no matter what you do. You can relax the shoulders, hands and fingers or keep them tight. You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Stop doing whatever you don't do at that time and try to get rid of the numbness that is being created on your shoulders, waist or hands and try to be a little more aware of the surroundings. Then ask yourself, how do you feel now? Many times your body lets you know if you are hungry or thirsty or if you feel tired. My second daughter Gagandeep and I don't even know if I'm hungry or thirsty. Once that need is met, we realize that we are feeling pressured or angry.

As we grow older, we forget to focus on our own needs. There is only one way to solve it, live with the present and ask yourself what is happening to you? Throughout the day I do at least thirty to forty minutes of time for myself. Read, meditate or self-analyze something good during this time. Only by focusing on the special and real events and completing them can you get rid of the stress. We can't control the weather, inflation, bosses and leaders. You can write about this in your diary or share it with a trusted friend. I also write diaries every day, In it I wrote all sorts of things completely, it became a lot in my life.

My friend Mahesh always thought negatively and always blamed himself for any situation. The company of negative people and negative thoughts sowed the seeds of sadness around him that he was not succeeding in any task.

She asks me one day how can I be happy all the time? I told him that as long as he thinks negative, I think positive. I told him about the benefits of thinking positively. Death, divorce, going to work are all part of life, you can't change them if you want to, but you can find a way to get rid of this condition. The biggest issue is how we adapt to this kind of situation.

Some people make their lives difficult by putting a veil of seriousness on themselves. Don't take anything seriously and always try to be firm. I got married in January, most of the people who came as brides were from rural areas They came with me to visit Chandigarh, and they had decided to leave the groom and go to see Chandigarh. Some people didn't like it, but I didn't take it seriously and laughed it off.

Your smile will work the most during this kind of bad situation. Remember any funny things that happened in your life at that time. There is so much work pressure all over our existence that we are always thinking, is something bad happening to me? In this kind of situation we forget to praise even the small things. Where our positivity later disappears between bad bosses and coworkers. When this happens, finish your work first and then look at the most important things in your life.

Some people ask for help from others but no one can be proficient in everything, so talk to someone who has faced more or less the same situation as you. Always seek the help of a helpful friend or family member in difficult situations. Divide the work and take a break from work, it will not bring you fatigue. For example, many times I have to go to different events to give speeches, where I take on setuku tasks that I can do very easily. If you work for Kaur then how can you do good and productive work. Can be a very good medium. Take a short walk or take a deep breath while working. This will relieve your fatigue. This simple way to relieve stress increases your productivity. Never give in to guilt when it comes to focusing on your lifestyle and your needs. Many people question whether I sleep at noon. I tell them that if I rest for 20 minutes in the afternoon or close my eyes, I feel refreshed and can work many nights. In the same way that a car cannot run without petrol, our body cannot function without water and food. A lot of times I get hungry in the middle of the night and I have to eat something. If I don't eat, the thought of food keeps running through my head and I can't sleep. So I realized, what is the importance of food in life? Whenever I don't eat at night, I have to get up at night to eat something.

Responsibility for our own lives: A true fact of our lives is that we often blame others for our mistakes. And we do not understand our responsibilities. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, you can easily blame them. If you have to get somewhere, blame the traffic and never admit that you didn't take enough time out of the house. If Ata analysis. However, you will know that in fact our decision and diagnosis was wrong.

If we are not aware of the responsibility, this blame game will continue. This is why people don't make the right decisions about you and you become a victim of the situation. At this point you feel completely helpless. The person who can take responsibility for every aspect of his life is only ready to take responsibility for his own happiness.

Admit your mistake:

In most cases, people do not admit their mistakes. We all make mistakes but only some good people apologize for their mistakes. Many blame others for their weight. In fact, no one but me is to blame. The reason for this is my eating habits. According to the family tradition, I like to eat ghee-oiled spicy food but sometimes I also eat boiled food. I go on a fresh diet to lose weight and regain it in a few days. I am to blame for this but if I want I can blame Radhuni for giving me a lot of cooking oil.

Some people try to increase intimacy with me. I make it clear to them that I do not like them. My driver often drove me to work late, and I warned him that he would lose his job the next time he was late, but he didn't pay attention. I didn't let him come to work when I paid. In fact, how we treat others depends on how we treat others. They will continue to take advantage as long as you explain it to them. We have to find our own happiness by overcoming our own difficulties. What happens to us depends on our diagnosis. Learn to take responsibility for any problems you may have. If we want to bring change in life, it is possible to bring the most positive change through responsibility.

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