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Learn to live alone


When I first learned from my friend Rakib that my elder brother was having an illicit affair with another girl, I grabbed the collar of Rakib's shirt and told him to be careful. My brother is not as characterless as you who will go to different hotels with different girls one day

Rakib calmed me down and said,
"If you don't believe me, I'll prove it to you."

I pushed Rakib away and said,
I don't need any proof. I know my brother

I did not believe Rakib that day. But today, when I saw my elder brother entering the hotel holding the hand of a girl, I could not believe my eyes. When I put 500 rupees in the pocket of the hotel manager and showed the picture of my brother, I said, do you know the man?
The manager looked at the picture with a smile and said,
"I know him very well. He comes to our hotel two or three times a week. He takes a room for an hour and then leaves."
I quietly left the hotel without telling the manager anything

When I came home, I heard my mother scolding Bhabhi. At her brother's wedding, her mother gave her a pair of earrings, but she lost them. He also lost the ring given to him by his future father a few days ago. The mother gets angry and tells the future,
"You're an unlucky girl. How do you lose your belongings? You can't take care of things?"
Bhabhi then bowed her head and said to her mother,
"Mom, forgive me. I can't really remember where I put it."

I did not go to my room then I climbed on the roof of the house and started smoking cigarettes. I don't know when Bhabhi came to the roof. Bhabhi looked at me with angry eyes and said,
"I see that you have improved a lot these days. You used to cultivate cigarettes in the alleys and now you have started eating on the roof of the house. After a few days, I will start eating inside the house."

I told my fiance to put out the cigarette fire,
Bhabhi, are you all right?

Bhabhi was surprised for a long time after listening to me, then she smiled and said,
"What's the matter? There's no reason not to be good. I'm fine with my husband, children, mother-in-law and a great brother like you."

I looked into Bhabhi's eyes and said,
Bhabhi, when we close the door of the room while sleeping at night, the closed room feels like a different world to us. The pressing pains that come out of our breathing then just linger across the walls of our room which does not reach the walls of anyone else's room. You look me in the eye and say you're fine. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are OK. You will see that instead of a smile on his face, a drop of water has accumulated in the corner of his eye.
Remember we can lie by looking into the eyes of others but we can never lie by looking into our own eyes.

I lit another cigarette between my lips and Bhabhi was leaning on the cornice of the roof and standing silently with her head bowed.

I took a long puff on my cigarette and let out a puff of smoke towards the sky and said to Bhabhi,
Bhabhi, the life of you girls is very strange. Girls live before marriage as fathers and after marriage as husbands. Well, you can not have any identity of your own?
In fact, you girls are like parasitic plants. Just as parasitic plants depend on other plants, so you girls depend on either the father or the husband.

I was leaving after saying these things but after a while I turned around and said to Bhabhi,
Evaluate the person you love as long as he respects your love. If for some reason you see your loved one disrespecting your love, kick it off and learn to live alone ....

1:20 p.m. Sanjida is still awake. Her husband Rifat and 3-year-old son Rohan are sleeping next to her. Sanjida left the bed and sat in front of the mirror. For a long time he did not see himself well. Today he looked good. Her cheeks are swollen a lot, there are black spots under her eyes, fat has accumulated in her abdomen and her complexion has become dirty. There are many differences between the previous Sanjida and the present Sanjida. Rifat used to stick behind the previous Sanjidar like eighteen. Once, Rifat used to cycle 5 km every day to visit Sanjida. When Rifat was standing in front of Sanjidar College with his body wet with sweat, Sanjidar felt that no one in this world could love him more than Rifat. But over time, Rifat's love changed. Nowadays Rifat doesn't look well at Sanjidar. Because Rifat loves someone named Arpita. Arpita looks just like Sanjida before marriage. The girl looks impossibly beautiful with light-thin body, pink lips, milky-skinned complexion and thick black hair. Sanjida first found out about Arpita by entering Rifat's Facebook ID. When Rifat went to the washroom without logging out of Facebook, Sanjida saw Rifat and Arpita texting. Then he saw Rifat together with Arpita many times in different places.

Sanjida held her breath and cried in this locked room night after night. Her inner turmoil lingers on every wall of the room.

This time Sanjida asked Sanjida who was inside the mirror
"Kiri, are you okay?"

Surprised, Sanjida noticed a drop of water in the corner of Sanjida's eye inside the mirror ....

I woke up in the morning to hear the screams of my parents and brother
As soon as I went to the drawing room, my mother cried and told me,
"Your sister-in-law has lost her mind. There is no reason why you should not rush to divorce your sister-in-law or your brother."

I smiled and said to my brother,
Is that so, brother?

The brother blushed and said,
"I'm not missing anything. I'm giving her whatever she needs, but not her pet. She won't have a family with me. I work hard for this world like a donkey from day to night. So maybe I can't give my wife time. That's why my wife divorces me." Will you? "

I laughed and said,
How to give more time to the wife! Always go to Nabarupa Hotel and give it to another girl. Does the husband's responsibility towards his wife end when he eats three meals a day?

I wanted to say more but Bhabhi stopped me and told my brother,
"After our divorce, you marry Arpita. But believe me, after marriage, Arpita will not be like Arpita before marriage. But just like me, under the pressure of the world, she will have black spots under her eyes, flesh on her cheeks and belly fat after childbirth, three times by the fire. The color of my skin will get dirty like mine for cooking. I know then maybe your love will also change. And listen, my son will be with me.

This time he looked at his future mother and said,
"Mother, you are right. I am Alakshmi. I could not keep my loved ones in my arms just by seeing Alakshmi. But I did not lose the earrings and rings. They were stolen by your eldest son and given to someone else."

When Bhabhi was leaving with Rohan in her lap, I told Bhabhi,
Bhabhi, you wait a minute. I'm calling a cng

Bhabhi laughed and said,
"He doesn't need to. I've learned to live alone."


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