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Half ( short story )



We haven't been married for a long time. It will be like 6 months. Arrange marriage. After the receipt was gone I thought I would never get married in my life. I had a 3 and a half year relationship with Receipt. While doing BBA, marriage proposals started coming for him. I can't go on my own, what to feed my wife after marriage? The last day I met her she told me a lot. When she got up and left, her last words were, "Tuhin, you're a coward. You've never been in love with anyone. You can't give anything to anyone except Cost." She really told me I was a coward. I could not conquer love. Later one day I got married and got married. I felt very alone then. I moved to Australia on a student visa. I thought I would settle down. I came to Dhaka a few months ago to see my parents. After coming to Bangladesh, I started pressuring for marriage from home. Despite a kind of reluctance, I looked at my parents' face and went to see a girl for me. Parents like a girl. The engagement took place on the same day. After 2 months, I brought him home after the ceremony.

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