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False Emotion


Boys are a little weaker before most relationships start but girls show a little tough attitude.

Day by day when the boys start taking a lot of praise, care and caring towards a girl all the time, then the girls gradually become weak towards her.

This is appreciative, caring, caring and seeing the news all the time, the girls started to love the boys a lot.

They remember day after day when the boy brought me so much caring, care and good news - bad news,
Then that boy will never neglect me and will never be able to stay without me or leave.

But to be honest, most of the time, the weaker the boys are before the start of the relationship, the harder it becomes after a proper relationship with a girl.

A few days after the relationship, most of the boys change a lot ..! For example: not being free like before, not giving time like before, not giving messages or calls like before.
Such a brand new look comes in them.

Gradually he started neglecting the girl, he used to call and talk for 10 minutes, now he talks for 5 minutes.
A few days ago he used to go out with the girl and now when the girl talks about going for a walk, he starts to keep her away with various excuses.

This neglected girl continues to eat lazily day after day.

In fact, girls do not fall in love as easily as boys.
But when they really belong to someone
Fall in love .., then their love becomes equal to the sky.

But most of the boys don't know how to pay the price of love equivalent to that sky.

This is how a girl's dream of love ends.
The girl then starts thinking that love is all "false emotion"

So to speak
Not love for a moment
Love that eternity oh,

If you can ever truly love someone, then go on to love someone.

"Love may seem like hydrogen to you but someone else thinks it's oxygen and dreams of survival".

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