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Building Confidence



A young couple would go to work on their own, leaving their baby girl in the care of a baby. When leaving the baby, the parents would kiss the child's hand and the child would also kiss the parents. Then they put their hands in their pockets and felt as if they were putting kisses in their pockets. When the child left the parents and felt lonely, he would take his hand out of his pocket and press it on his cheek and that is how he would feel the touch of the parents. In this way they enjoyed being close to each other, even though they did not get a chance to be around all day. What a comforting thought!

Why are children prone to crime?

  • If children are taught that everything in the world can be bought with a price, they will think the honesty that can be bought at a price, so they have no value of honesty. If you don't learn the habit of taking a specific position, take a firm stand on any issue will refrain from. It should be taught at an early age that winning is not the biggest thing. This only goal he has is to try to win in three ways.

  • If children get everything they need from childhood, then the idea will arise that all things he will get it easily. This idea will not help boost his confidence.

  • If you have fun when you speak bad language, then the child's idea It will be born that he has become clever. Do not try to cultivate his moral values. Let him set his own values when he is 21 years old.

Make a list of some of your favorites without pointing them in the right direction. Never tell him that every choice has certain consequences. Don't try to correct the mistake for fear that it will lead to mental disorder. The result is when he will be arrested by the police for making a mistake he will think that all the society is against him. Things like books, shoes, clothes etc. when thrown here and there Keep them in place. As a result, the idea will form in his mind that all the responsibilities can be imposed on each other. Let him do what he wants to read, hear or see. Look at the food, But let him fill his mind with the garbage of his choice. Do what you need to do to be popular with your peers. Argu yourself in his presence. As a result, when the family will break up. He will no longer be surprised Give as much money as you want. Don’t be aware of the value of money. He doesn't have to go through the hardships you have to go through.

  • Ingredients of sense gratification such as food, drink, comfort are always provided day. Failure to do all this can lead to frustration. If neighbors, teachers, etc. complain against him, support his side; Because they all have hostile ideas against him.

  • When in real danger, make the excuse that you tried your best but couldn't do anything special. Never force discipline on the grounds that freedom is diminished by adhering to discipline.

  • Control remotely for the purpose of giving freedom; Do not control your father's rights.

  • What children get at a young age, when they grow up, they try to repay the society. Children learn from daily life (Children lenarn what they live) If the child grows up hearing only slander, he will learn to slander.

Again if you grow up hearing praise, you will learn to appreciate the real value. If he grows up in the face of adversity, his strength to fight will increase. And if his family is tolerant, He too will become patient. If he only gets ridiculed from childhood, he will be shy. And if he gets constant encouragement, his confidence will increase.

If he grows up in embarrassing weather, he will feel guilty, and if he gets everyone's support, he will be able to trust himself. If he gets justice in his childhood, he will learn to do justice. If he lives in safety, he will learn to believe. If the child gets friendship and recognition, he will look for love in the world.

Education the reluctance to learn from ignorance is shameful. Imitators teach by example. The education that is given to children about the value of honesty in old age is never wasted. It becomes an integral part of life. In all professions, whether it be a contractor, a lawyer, an accountant, a politician, a police officer, or a judge, the importance of honesty is at stake. Moral power is far more powerful than honesty. In fact, moral purity is the foundation of honesty.

The minds of young people can be easily influenced. But when they see their teachers, such as parents, teachers, or political leaders, cheating on people, or stealing a towel from a hotel, or stealing a fork from a restaurant, they think they've done something very glorious.

  • They are frustrated. They lose respect for their teacher.

  • Seeing many do so, they begin to recognize this dishonest behavior, that is, they consider this behavior normal and follow it. Poor role models: One day a teacher at school asks a young boy

How his father made a living. The boy replied, “I don’t know exactly, but I guess he makes pens, pencils, small bulbs, toilet paper, etc .; Because every day when he comes home, those things come out of his tiffin box. ” It is assumed that the man stole those things.

Making unfair comparisons

But the comparable person is the victim of inferiority. Neutral comparisons lead to a competitive attitude, and one tries to do better than the other at all times. People with high self-esteem do not compete with each other, they try to improve their work. Their competition is with themselves. They compare their abilities with how much they have been able to do.

Failure or success: A ripple effect "Success begets more success, failure breeds more failure" - much of this is true. In sports, when the morale of a champion player is very weak - sometimes Maybe then - his teacher will never let him compete with a competitor, because if the player loses again, his confidence will be further reduced. In order to regain his confidence, his teacher told him to compete with a weaker opponent. The next opponent is a stronger one, and if he succeeds, his self-confidence increases. In this way, he gradually builds up his confidence and prepares for the final competition. Any good instructor, be it a parent, a teacher or a supervisor, first begins to build the student with simple tasks. Ren. With each success, his self-confidence and self-esteem improved. If encouraged with this a positive self-esteem will be strengthened in the student. Our responsibility is to break the chain of continuous failure

Leading children to success. When one thing fails, most people begin to think that they have failed. They just don’t realize that failure on one subject is not total failure. We may be fooled, but I'm not stupid.

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