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An ideal or perfect person is a successful person



Ideal men's ornaments and women's ornaments. The greatest controller of every successful person is his ideal and character firmness. Success is not limited to just one small word. Its scope and scope is much larger. It is very easy to dream of success. But its implementation is difficult and time consuming. But not impossible. Success will come to you if you have all the rules and characteristics you need to have a goal, and if you follow the rules relentlessly. It is important to remember that frustration and negative attitudes are the biggest obstacles to success. To keep or store something good but also want to have good pots. Again, not all things can be kept in one container. You will need different containers to hold such liquid, solid and gaseous substances. Just as a leak cannot hold a liquid in a container, so a normal container cannot store a gas or a gaseous substance. Success is something that is worth holding on to. Individuals or people are needed. Even if a foolish person suddenly comes across something valuable, he will not be able to hold it for long. So to be successful you need to be the ideal or perfect person.

Comments on becoming an ideal or perfect human being have come from various scholars and geniuses. According to them there is no definite definition of ideal or perfect man. It is not possible to explain it in a short range. But in a word, the ideal person is a person with full values. A person who will be of good character, honest and courageous in thought and in whom he must live. Positive attitude and dreaming free from prejudice and courage to realize dreams. There is no shortage of human qualities in his character.

He will have all the qualities that a high level person needs. Needless to say, there is no light in all of us.

We need people enlightened in the light of knowledge. For the overall development of the country, the soil and the people, there is a great lack of people dedicated to the welfare of the nation. Enlightened in the light of knowledge means someone who is self-taught, virtuous, conscientious, dreamer, hard worker. Here, not only academic education but highly educated but irresponsible is not meant. It is not possible to achieve real success in life with a person who is half or a little better. For example, it is true that a machine can be run with oil, but if water is mixed with oil, the machine will not run. In the case of human beings too, no welfare can be sought from him unless he is a perfect ideal human being. He cannot bring any welfare to the country, nation and people.

Humanity is the great knowledge of man. And people enlightened in the light of this knowledge are needed for our society. Those who will work for the welfare of the country and the people. Only man is the best of God's various creations and has the unique glory. The reason for this unique glory is its own wisdom which is not found in any other creature. Only man can use his own knowledge and intelligence to discover new things. Only man has been able to realize the truth and the absolute blessings of Allah. Religion has been established on the basis of truth. No religion would have been established without man. Similarly, no religion and no truth existed in the world.

No one can be called a real person just by being born in a human house. If there are no human qualities, no greatness qualities in him, then the comparison of animals with human beings is only possible. Because animals are born and die like human beings, eat food and sleep. The difference between animals and humans is that humans have human qualities, have the light of knowledge, have a sense of conscience but animals do not have any of these. In fact, the people who have human qualities, conscience, healthy thinking, who work for the welfare of all people are real and fulfilling people. The country and the nation need perfect people for the welfare. These are the guides. Carriers of advanced character. It is the people of these advanced qualities who sacrifice their lives for the people of the country.

They came forward to help people who risked their lives in various dangers. Listening to the message of hope inspires hope. Wisdom helps the weak with mentality. Protects the oppressed. In a word, they jumped in with all kinds of help and cooperation. They do not expect anything in return. They are greedy and disinterested, their only job is to do real welfare of the people. This is the only thing that real people want and get. Great satisfaction and love is their desire. They are worshipers of humanity. And the bestowal of humanity is the improved and pure character. Self-restraint, honesty, fairness, truthfulness, benevolence, speaking out against injustice, etc., are the signs of a developed and noble character. Characters are always holy in word and deed and the bearers of truth and justice. Behind the eyes and in front of people who guard the sanctity of their souls; He is the one who is always pure and innocent to the conscience. Only such ideal or perfect people can improve the country and the nation. We want the number of such people to increase day by day. May our country and society be happy and beautiful. We are all worshipers of truth and beauty.

Thnaks everyone

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