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After he left



When my wife ran away holding another boy's hand, my mother called and said, 'I had a bad dream a while ago.  I think there will be danger in the big corner.  I have performed two rak'ats of nafl prayers.  You pray and lie down on your right side.  I comforted my mother and said, you are just scared, mother.  I won't have anything.

The next day, when the announcement was made, the neighbors were looking at me with strange eyes.  I did not leave the house for three days to escape their poisonous gaze.  Many knocked on the door.  As soon as I opened the door, he asked, 'Brother, did I hear that your wife has run away?'  He used to laugh with a smirk.  I used to sit in a corner of the room with the door closed in anger, rage and hatred.  Suddenly I noticed that water was dripping down my cheeks.

One day I was walking down the street.  A childhood friend found me and said, 'Hey dude, I heard that Bhabhi or someone's hand ran away?  If you can't tell us.  Why are we here? '  I quietly bowed my head and left.

I noticed that people on both sides of the road were looking at me with strange eyes.  It seems that the ghost of the day is watching.  Some people grit their teeth and smile again.

I was taking classes in college.  The students shouted and said, Silence!  A boy stood up and said, "Sir, he can't do anything at home, so he looks hot in class."

At once the whole classroom burst into laughter.  I came out quickly.  went to the bathroom and splashed water on my face.  When I look in the mirror, I see a completely different look.  How strange!  I haven't seen it before!  Long long usko-khusko hair.  Long long beard.  The skin of the forehead is folded.  Ink falls under the eyes, it seems that someone has smeared ink on the ink.  I just came out wiping away the tears.

Mom brought the cake for me.  Winter cake.  As soon as the doorbell rang, my mother said, 'You eat cake.  I see who came.

As soon as he opened the door, the doorman of the house said, 'Hey Khalamma!  When did you come  Have you come to marry your nephew?

Mother thought Darayan was mischievous.  So he said, 'Why should I marry another woman with so many sweet wives in the house?  If he has a hobby, you do it.  I got my son married this is his first and last marriage.

Darayan said, where is your wife?

The mother said, the wife went to the father's house.

Will come in a few days.

 Darayan ignored and said, brother is telling you this?

 Mother said in a curious manner, what else to say?

'I don't mean, I hear that your mother-in-law broke up with another boy ...' Mother rushed in front of me.  Kapa said in his throat, 'Kiri Baba, what did Darayan say?  I couldn't say anything.  I just sat with my head down.  My mother comforted me that day and said, 'Don't be sad, father.  He is not worthy of it.  So I did not understand its meaning.  One day you will understand.  On that day, no way will be open for him.  You just wait for that day.   I said, 'When can that day come back, mother?

Mother said, 'Daddy will come soon.  I met him two years later.  Now it has no previous form.  The color of the fair complexion seems to have turned gray.  Black spots under the eyes.  The skin of the forehead is wrinkled.  The healthy, strong body seems to have become angry.  Seeing me, he smiled and said, 'How are you?  I said, 'Good.'

He smiled dryly and said, 'I miss you very much.  The day I ran away holding Sahil's hand, you were sleeping in bed like an innocent child.   I left in a very blink of a watch.

Then what happened.  Many times I have wanted to see Tayma.  But how do I stand in front of you with this face, say?  Within a month of marrying Sehail, I came to know his true form.  Slowly he began to put his hands on my body.  Finally, after eight months of marriage, they got divorced.  Well, why can you say that?  You could have done it if you had held me that day!  Say, can't?

I let out a sigh.

Are you married again  "No.

Seki!  It's been two years!   I think you wish to urge married once more.  Finally I asked him the question.   For which I actually have been waiting goodbye.   I said, 'Why did you run away from me?'

He said, 'Because I didn't love you.  I lived with Sahail.  But what will happen, real love means that I did not know!  Now I think he should have loved you!

I said, 'Someone

If you love in the true sense, you have to live for the rest of your life.  Hayek it is one-sided or two-sided.  It is wrong to call a momentary love a love.

Who loves, loves forever.  Someone loves getting it, someone loves not getting it.  No one loves losing again.  I just fell in love ...

I quickly walked away.  He called from behind, Nabin, Aye Nabin!  I did not look back.

Honestly, not wanting to look at me.  When someone very dear becomes unpleasant, there is nothing more hateful than him.

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