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Save Environment for planting tree


Trees always play an extraordinary role for natural beauty. Planting trees makes the soil fertile, increases rainfall, and enhances the color and beauty of the environment. The role of trees in protecting the environment is extraordinary. Plants make their own food that other animals cannot. Plants use solar energy to make a basic food ingredient called carbohydrates or glucose through photosynthesis. Adding energy by transferring from one class to another. Every animal is indirectly or directly dependent on plants. So plants are producers and all other animals are eaters.

Planting trees around the house or in the open increases the beauty on the one hand and protects the environment on the other. As the temperature of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases, the heat increases. But trees take in carbon-di-oxide and release oxygen. Trees help reduce air pollution and keep the environment clean.

Trees prevent soil erosion and protect from landslides. The strong speed of the rain and protects the land from erosion. Trees not only help us with food, we also get the elements of various things we need from the tree. Trees are used as shelters for various animals and birds.

We should plant more trees. It is very beautiful to see trees planted in rows along the road. Trees transform our natural beauty. There are many people in the world who love trees very much. Those who love to put themselves in the middle of the green. We can also plant different types of trees in the house to enhance the beauty, such as: cactus, jasmine, peace lily, money plant, etc.
These will enhance the beauty of the house as well as keep the house fresh.

Thankhs for love and support.

Regards: Shimi

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