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How to get good sleep at night


![FB_IMG_15408969574338376-picsay.jpg]("If you have an interest in a long and healthy lifestyle, you should invest for a good night's sleep," says Matthew Waller, professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California. People sleep less than a hundred years ago, people are fewer than they sleep. All the diseases that are taking place in the world today are linked to Alzheimer's, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety and suicide, all have a deep relation with sleepiness. But sleep should be normal, do not sleep by sleeping medicine. Sleep medicine can cause cancer, the cause of infection. If we do not have enough rest, we stop the body and brain work. Now people sleep much less than before. People are less time. For a good health, a person normally needs to sleep for seven to nine hours. It is also important for creative work and mental health. Sleeping at seven hours less, you can feel the effects of your own body and brain itself: Disease prevention, efficiency will be affected. There is a lot of scientific data that demonstrates how intensive and healthy sleep intersects with physical and mental health. Many of us still do not know how and why we can not sleep. And what can I do for better sleep? It is not a matter of sleep but only pillow head. The number of people who are not able to sleep can increase. Professor Walker wrote a book titled "Why We Sleep" or "Why We Sleep", he said that a large part of the world wakes up in the darkness. They do not think that the sleep they are being lost is what they need to fill. It's gone '. But how to sleep better, but you can learn it. Scientists say that if you can change your habits, then you will get the benefit right away. Professor Walker's suggestions for better sleeping --- 1. Every day going to bed and without bed Every night you have to go to sleep at a certain time. You have to leave the bed daily at a certain time in the morning. Sleeping at the same time every day is more important because it will keep the sleeping period regularly.
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