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My experience of lockdown today



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Bangladesh is under lockdown now. It is very hard lockdown at 2nd stage. Our government is heavily trying to remain people at home. Police are now at every turning point of road. So general people don't go out. But if anyone is badly in need to go out, he have to apply for movement pass in lockdown. It is for only 3 hours to stay out of home. When you apply online, it takes a few minute to approve your application. Then you can go out with a printed copy of approval downloaded from the site.

Today i have a task at 15 km away from my residence. So last night, i applied for a movement pass. They approve it and i went out with this movement pass at morning. There are only some vehicle to emergency use on road. So i take my by-cycle and riding it towards my destination. It is 3rd day of fasting month. So i fasted. It was a little bit trouble to ride cycle with fasting. Moreover it was a full sunny day and the temperature at my region is 39 degree celcius today. I became very thirsty when i returned my room. But i had to wait more than 6 hours form then. But i am very happy that i can fulfill my todays fast.

However, fasting is a very important task to make our Allah happy. It is compulsory task. So we shouldn't give up this important task any how. I think Allah will be very happy and give us a big gift for this fasting one day.

Thank you to all. Stay happy and healthy in this significant month. May Allah bless you all.....

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