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Is lockdown suitable for Bangladesh??




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As the attack of covid 19 are rising to a big rate, so the government has imposed lockdown again all over Bangladesh. It is the 3rd day of 2nd time lockdown. But you will be surprised to know that people don't want this lockdown.In some place there happens clash between general public and police while people go out disobeying government's decision of lockdown. If you don't know why people do such, then you may think that people are doing wrong. But i don't think so particularly in Bangladesh. 

There are many reasons for that. One of the most vital reason is economy. The middle  and lower class family of Bangladesh are more vulnerable now. Basically they have little bit or no savings of money for future. They mainly work all day long and bought their necessary things in the end of the day. Some family have a little savings. But they have spent the money in time of previous lockdown. So there economical condition is like that if they can't go out for work a day they have no money to manage livelihood for the day. 


However more than 20% workers have lost their job in the previous lockdown. Another 30% workers are working for half of their regular salary. Can you imagine, how a lower class family can afford their livelihood if they can't go out??

Again we have a little help from our government. So we have no way other than to go out to afford our livelihood. May be there are a big risk to go out in this pandemic situation, but people don't want to be starved. They prefer death by corona to starving.


As a result i don't support lockdown for covid 19 pandemic. What do you think about it? Let me know.

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