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How you can be the happiest???


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In the end of a day, I am happy with what i have. I always try to be happy with what i get by my hard work. I never blame my fate and my Allah becouse of not having anything. I always try to definite all as myself. I don't want to compare anything related to my life to others. As a result, in the end of a day, i have no doubt that i am happy becouse i have no question not remaining anything. 

I always think that definition of success is to be happy in life. May be you have more money, much more glory, many well wishers, a lot of friends by your side, but you may be unhappy yet for not remaining a specific thing. Then what is success in your life, when you are unhappy???

But the main things is that one can not have all things in this universe. So if you regret for a specific things that will be wrong. May be you don't have a specific thing but you have other. And you should always try to be happy what you have. If we would be able to happy with what we have, and don't we regret for a specific things, i think we will be the happiest. 


I always try not to regret with what i don't have. In the end of every day, I always try to thank my Allah for what i can gain with my effort. I have no question to ask my Allah why i don't have a specific thing.  And in this way, may be i am one of the happiest person. Alhamdulillah ( All the admiration go to my Allah )


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